Maintenance, checks and security of our coaches and minibuses for hire in Italy

We guarantee the maximum safety of bus and minibus hire in Italy only through accurate annual maintenance and review

Insurance Policy of rental bus in Italy:

All buses are covered by an insurance policy, with a maximum of 50,000,000 euros.

Cleaning the rental bus in Italy:

After each trip, all media is carefully washed, polished, aspirated, disinfected and perfumed inside.

Annual Bus Revision:

All buses are revision annually with revision regulator in italy and germany to ensure the speed of 100 km/h in germany.

Revision of the chronotachigraph:

All buses are equipped with a chronotachigraph, with speed controller rated at 100 km/h maximum with annual review.

Ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance:

Guaranteed by the authorized VOLVO and SCANIA workshop.
Original spare parts, mechanics, bodywork, electrical system, motorcycle, tire replacement, air conditioning.
Ordinary maintenance with full cut every 50,000 km.

Bus Road assistance:

24 hours, with VOLVO and SCANIA authorized first-aid workshop.
Replacement buses are always available, service guaranteed by the amplitude of our bus fleet.

Standards of driving hours:

Great attention to driving hours and rest of the staff, in compliance with the legislation on road traffic EEC 3280/85.

Low Emission Ecological Engines:

All of our buses have low emission Euro5 ecological engines, fitted with a standard particle filter with the new ECO pollution regulations.

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